Defending Your Portfolio


“Defending Your Portfolio” is a specific knowledge session designed to construct an active defence against falling markets.

Traditionally, the retail public in Australia will buy shares and then hold them for the long term with the theory that shares can be a good long-term investment. This has especially been the case with stocks that yield a dividend.


The tax issue of buying and selling stocks for short-term capital gain defeats the average investor as it is regarded as too laborious and too risky for those with limited skill. However, insuring an individual stock has never been easier.


The critical element of insurance is timing. With your timing right, you gain considerable appreciation of your asset over the long-term and losses tend towards 0.


A few examples for 2012

  • ANZ Capital gain + 9% - insured gain since January 18.5%
  • BHP Capital Loss -17% - insured gain since January 22%
  • TLS Capital Gain + 16% - insured gain 24%
  • WBC Capital +18% - Insured gain +24%


Would you like to know more. Anyone can perform this simple strategy. It is so simple that you will be able to accomplish it after just 3 hours of training.


Profits increase dramatically and losses tend towards 0. This is ideal for anyone with shares in the market. If you have a small portfolio or a large super portfolio, this course contains information that you can not afford to miss. If you want to automate the process and take the decision making out of it, we can show you how to do that as well.


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